Why Colombia

A privileged place – The importance of free trade zone bogota

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The American continent is privileged for having access to two of the most important oceans. Due to its vast extension it has a variety of climates that allow for diversity in production. Having one can make all the difference.

Colombia: one of the best environments in Latin America to do business, and one of the most competitive countries in the region. These make such areas ideal for all types of business.

In the last decade, Colombia has struggled to improve its investment environment. As a result, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the country has skyrocketed. Throughout these uncertain times, Colombia is seen by investors as a trustworthy and stable place in which to operate, due to the following reasons::

Source: Proexport / Invest in Bogota

The importance of being close to Bogota, which impact free trade zone Bogota.

The capital of Colombia is a prosperous and cosmopolitan city of 7,4 million people, and has positioned itself as one of the main business centers in Latin America making free trade zone bogota perfect.

Appeals for investment – free trade zone bogota:

Source: Invest in Bogota

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